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Combat phases:

  1. Suspension - All suspends are activated simultaneously.
  2. Pre-attack - Daze, attack/HP increase/decrease and strengthen abilities are activated.
  3. Attack
  4. Creature heal
  5. Player heal
  6. Death triggers
  7. Creature deaths
  8. End of combat check

Suspension phase Edit

All creatures with suspend ability activate it simultaneously.

Pre-attack phase Edit

Daze, attack/HP increase/decrease and strengthen abilities are activated. Order is irrelevant.

Attack phase Edit

Some abilities are activated during the attack:...

Creature heal phase Edit

Order is irrelevant.

Player heal phase Edit

Order is irrelevant. ...Probably shown wrong way in the game...

Death triggers phase Edit

...Death trigger triggering another death trigger...

Creature deaths phase Edit

Creatures with 0 or less HP are removed from the combat unless revived (by their own ability, like Phoenix, or by Moon Dragon's ability).

End of combat checks Edit

The combat ends if either of the conditions below is met:

  1. At least one of the players is at 0 or less health points.
  2. It is the end of round 20.
  3. There is no creature left with attack.

When the combat ends, the player with higher life total is the winner.

Relevance of 3. is seen in the following example: Player A has 2000 HP, player B has 1500 HP. A's Scorpion Rider and Siren are facing B's Scorpion Rider and Dwarven Sage (assume all creatures are at level 1). In the first round, the Siren suspends the Sage, so he doesn't grant grant his life boost to B, Then the Scorpions kill each other. At end of the round, the combat ends by the condition 3 and the winner is A. If 3. were not applied, in round 2, the liberated Sage would active his ability, making B's HP 6500. Then nothing more would happen in this and next 18 rounds. Then the combat would end by the condition 2. and B would be the winner.

Questions Edit

  1. Is there a draw?
  2. Situation similar to the example in "End of combat checks" with Astral Navigator being the only survivor after a fierce battle should be quite frequent. Does he heal its owner or is 3. applied? Somebody witnessed this?
  3. Does the damage dealing ability of Voodoo Witch or Fungus Lord count as attack for purpose of condition 3. for ending the combat? [TEST: Witch vs an empty army]
  4. If there are no creatures with attack at all from the very beginning of the battle, dos round 1 happen or does the battle end even before it? It might be relevant for Dwarven Sage. [TEST: Siren vs lone Dwarven Sage]
  5. If a creature dies and is revived, does this trigger death effects? For example, Slaver vs Phoenix - does Slaver daze twice?
  6. If a creature dazed by Slaver dies (in the same turn when the Slaver's ability triggered) and is revived, is it still dazed?