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Play Evoker, a mighty new fantasy collectible card game for iOS and Android! As a Summoner you fight magical battles against an army of enemies, powerful bosses and other players.

• Hone your Summoner skills, step by step in solo quests
• Level your character, playing through ever new quests
• Decide for yourself which skills you want to boost
• Collect creatures from the elves, orcs and dwarves, and reinforce them, using dragons, elementals, and demons
• Grow your creatures’ combat strength through battle experience
• Make your creatures even more powerful through clever combinations
• Challenge other players and rob them of their treasure

Choose your creatures and spells carefully – the duels demand that you be wily and clever. Only he who really commands his deck of creatures can bring his full force to bear.

What is Evoker?

Evoker is a fantasy-themed card battle game.

The world of Evoker is archaic and rough. The wild Orc tribes call it ‘Xulotl’, the ‘bleeding disc’. The elvish name is ‘Uma re’ena, which translates as ‘the eternal tree’. And up in the north, in the icy mountains where the Dwarves dig, the world is known as ‘the first anvil’ or ‘Domank Hrun’ in the dwarven tongue.

The player is cast in the role of an EVOKER, a summoner of creatures, a practioner of magic. It is his goal to become the mightiest ruler of all, but… there is a dreadful enemy: MORDEN !

Officiall Game Manual

Here is (really very simple) Evoker's Game Basicson official Flaregames pages.

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