Medusa (Unevolved)
Race Neutral
Rarity Heroic
Mana icon Cost 19
Attack 1 direction (direct)
Ability "The attack power of all cards with special abilities is reduced by ___% in round 1."
Portal Divine Peace

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life Ability
lvl 1 1350 1200 6%
lvl 13 1971 1753 18%
lvl 21 (+) 2857 2541 26%
lvl 29 (++) 4022 3577 34%
lvl 37 (+++) 5524 4912 42%
lvl 45 (++++) 7434 6609 50%
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Special Ability Edit

Medusa's ability applies to Medusa itself.

Medusa's ability triggers after all strengthening abilities and applies to attack power including all the strengthening effects.

Medusa's ability doesn't affect other damage dealing abilities. For example, level 1 unfused Wilderness Shaper still deals 1000 damage to each opposing creature.

Multiple Medusas' abilities are applied consecutively. For example, two level 45 Medusas cause creatures with special abilities to lose 75% of attack power. (By the same consequent rule combination with single Dark Mage reduce attack by 82% and with two by 85,8%)

History Edit

In previous versions of the game, Medusa's ability read "The attack power of all cards without special abilities is reduced by ___%."

Questions Edit

  1. Did someone actually test 3 or 4 Medusas in a single battle (on opposite sides)?
  1. What time did Medusa's ability change?

Gallery Edit