Players stats for level 1

Primary StatsEdit

  • 50 stamina
  • 50 mana
  • 1500 Health points (HP)

Each next level allows you to split new 12 stat points to your 3 stats fields.  One point as one Stamina or Mana in 1:1 ratio or one point to 30 Health points in 1:30 ratio.

It is important how to use your stat points during the game phases and this may affect your performance and future strategy.

Actually is maximal level 200 (or 199 level-ups), so it means 2388 statistics points and this bounds the players stamina, mana and HP amount.

Extended Stats Edit

  • Best card - displays players card with higher lvl and if is same the highest mana cost. You can see the same order when you open the deck confiscator. Unfortunately method to display best card of attacked opponent is not so clear (see this forum topics).
  • Quest - is count of completed quests, including 100 basic quests and all completed portal quests. Each of 8 portals contains 25 quests, so maximum is 300.
  • Battles won - is count of all won battles in League, Arena and Pieces battles.

Bonus Edit

The bonuses displayed to the right of the player stats have never been observed to be active. This is probably a feature of the game that was never implemented. Here is official statement on actual bonus  function.


  1. Does anyone knows something about levelup rewards? For example, are these random or fixed at each level?