Basic resourcesEdit

There are 4 basic resources in Evoker:

  • Mana icon Mana - necessary for battless in League, Arena and battles for card pieces. Also you can not configure the deck with sum of mana cost higer than your mana maximum.
  • Stamina icon Stamina - necessary for completing the quests to reach the boss figth in given quest you need to spend specified (depends on level of quest) amount of stamina. 
  • Gems icon Gems - only valuable curency in game, You can buy stamina/mana potions for 40 gems (or 20 in Big Drinking action). Gems are also valuable when you need to complete first few legendary cards, when you reach the point where there are no more payers having given card pieces. Buing cards form boosters is vasting of gems, you can always convert it to potions and grind some tokens.  
  • Gold icon Gold - needed for fusing the cards and sacrificing cards for experience of other cards. Worthless in later game phase (for this time).

Secondary ResourcesEdit

There are different types of tokens in Evoker, serving for get a free card from different type of booster package. Each token is related with any booster package standard (always present) or portal booster packages presented only together with actually opened portal.

Portal tokens are three types:

  • Basic Round Bronze token - cost 50 gems - serves for exchange in Neophyte pack contains (green, blue, purple)
  • Advanced Squere Silver token cost 350 gems - serves for exchange in Summoner pack contains (blue, purple, may yellow)
  • Best Hexagonal Gold token cost 975 gems - serves for exchange in Archmage pack contains (blue, purple, yellow)

Portal tokens are two types and its shape, material and sometimes the praise is unique for given portal:

  • Low (usually bronze) portal token - cost about 100 gems - usually contains below heroic cards
  • High (usually purple) portal token cost 1000 gems - usually contains over rare cards

Action tokens - are sometimes free per day and it is posible to buy it (some days during action), e.g. gold rabit token during Easters

All the tokens (expect some action tokens) is posible to recived as reward for completing basic or portal quests, quality of token depends on level of quest.