Star Seer
Star Seer
Star Seer (Unevolved)
Race Elf
Rarity Rare
Mana icon Cost 12
Attack 1 direction (direct)
Ability "If he takes a hit, the attacker takes the same amount of damage, but only up to a maximum of ____."

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life Ability
lvl 1 240 720 480
lvl 12 380 1141 759
lvl 18 (+) 545 1636 1090
lvl 24 (++) 755 2265 1508
lvl 30 (+++) 1016 3046 2029
lvl 36 (++++) 1337 4005 2668
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Special Ability Edit

The in-game description of the ability is misleading. Every time Star Seer is hit by any source of damage, he immediately deals the same amount of damage to the opposing player. The damage dealt by the Seer this way is capped by an amount which is listed in his in-game special ability description. This amount depends on the Seer's level.

Tactics Edit

Star Seer's combat stats are poor, but his true value lies in his special ability. The goal is to make this ability trigger as many times as possible,

Placing him in a focal point of several enemy attacks triggers the ability multiple times in a single turn, resulting in massive direct damage to the opposing player.

Friendly damage to the Seer translates into direct damage to the opponent. This can be achieved by Minotaur or Bloodsoaked Totem.

Healing the Seer can help him survive a round and likely trigger his ability again in the next round. Powerful combination with Herb Collector is often seen in Elf decks.

Resurrecting the Seer with Moon Dragon also likely leads to another trigger in the next round. This combination is useful in Turn-2-kill decks.

Combining the Seer with Dryad Oracle, Lava Toad or Loremaster makes a Turn-1-kill deck.

Notice that Star Seer is almost completely inferior to Loremaster.

Gallery Edit