Wilderness Shaper
Wilderness Shaper
Wilderness Shaper (Unevolved)
Race Neutral
Rarity Ultimate
Mana icon Cost 30
Attack none
Ability "Every round, it deals ____ damage to each enemy card."
Portal The Dark Beyond

Stats Edit

Level Life Ability
lvl 1 2000 1000
lvl 15 3238 1618
lvl 27 (+) 5308 2653
lvl 39 (++) 8293 4146
lvl 51 (+++) 12499 6248
lvl 63 (++++) 18335 9167
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Special Ability Edit

Wilderness Shaper's damage dealing ability does trigger "reflecting" abilities of Loremaster, Star Seer, Lava Toad, Will-o'-the-Wisp and Lookalike.

The ability has no effect against creatures that are indestructible, that is, it behaves normally with that respect.

Tactics Edit

Beware of Loremaster and his kin, for Shaper hits them all wherever they stand, turning it deadly to its own master.

Shaper doesn't attack player's life. If all its teammates are destroyed, it is helpless against the opponent's higher life total. This is often exploited against it.

Shaper is susceptible to suspension, which completely disables it for one round.

Gallery Edit